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‘Bring your tooth home’: Blueface Tells Chrisean Rock (Video)

Chrisean Rock have shown that she is ready to do anything to keep her Man. She took to her verified Instagram page to reveal that she removed her recently implanted tooth, all for the love of Blueface.

On Instagram she captioned the video:

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“I did it for you Blue. I took my tooth out,

Took it out for you daddy. All I had to do was unscrew it.”

In a video shared by TSR on Instagram, Chrisean was spotted in Dr. Trevor Thomas’ office. She told the celebrity doctor to put the tooth back in but with a twist. “Put the tooth back in with Blue’s face on it.”

Blueface who seems to be amazed by Chrisean’s shared a video on his Instagram page with caption:

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“That’s my girl Rock Rock. Gone head and bring me that tooth baby. Bring that tooth home baby.” He added, “We’re going to put it under the pillow and we’re going to make $150,000.”

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