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Brother strangled his 7-year-old brother to death because what he did was ‘for the greater good’ and ‘God told him to do something to prove that he is not God’!

Police officials said the 27-year-old suspect, later identified as Dalal, was taken into custody and later charged with second-degree murder in the slaying of his 7-year-old brother Adod. During an interview with investigators, the suspect reportedly admitted to killing his brother. Investigators said the 27-year-old brother strangled his young brother to death.


According to the statement, the 27-year-old man called 911 and told bizarre things to the dispatcher: “God told me to do something to prove that I’m not God.”

First responders and officers arrived at their parents’ residence and found the 27-year-old suspect. Dalal reportedly said that he had mental health issues and officers took him to the hospital for evaluation.

The responding officers searched the home for other occupants. Officers found two young children asleep in their beds, unharmed. Unfortunately, a third child, later identified as Adod, was found in his bed, unconscious and not breathing. Officers attempted life-saving measures as the victim was taken to a hospital. The 7-year-old boy was rushed to the hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries.


Doctors told authorities that the child had visible petechial hemorrhages around his eyes, which are a sign of terminal asphyxia. The Medical Examiner also found petechial hemorrhaging in multiple other areas.

While the medical examiner did not conclusively find that the victim had suffered any life-threatening injuries or diseases, they also noted that such hemorrhaging is often seen in cases of strangulation and that nothing found on autopsy would be inconsistent with strangulation.

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