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Brothers Aged 5 And 7 Fend For Themselves For Days After Their Mother Died Unexpectedly At Home

Sometimes life knows to be too cruel for innocent souls like children.


It’s sad how these two little boys became orphans at such a young age when they are barely able to look after themselves alone.

The Teachers Noticed Something When the two boys aged 5 and 7 didn’t show at school for nearly a week, their teachers felt an urge to check if everything is fine.

Since there weren’t any absence excuse letters from their mother, the school staff got worried and called the police.


Reasons Behind Actions The mother of the boys was Connie Taylor, a 71-year-old woman who was in the process of officially adopting the two boys.

At the time, the two kids were living with her permanently as foster kids.

That was one of the main reasons the teachers decided to look deeper into the problem and called the police.

The Arrival When the police arrived at their house, the frightened kids opened the door. Then both of them pointed at their mother, who was lying lifelessly on the floor.


After all, they are just kids, and they thought that their mother is not waking up.

A Cry For Help Believe it or not, the kids survived for days eating whatever they could find at home.

The little ones were afraid to go outside alone. They didn’t know anyone in the neighborhood. The boys had no friends at all, and their cries for help were left unheard.

Praise The Teachers These boys were so lucky that the school teachers didn’t want to leave all things as they are.


The local police greeted the staff for this human action. They even called them heroes for alerting them and saving the boys.

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