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Bus Driver Saves 28 Kids Day before Retirement, Next Morning Wakes up to Crowd Screaming

Peter, a 65-year-old bus driver, loved his job and the company of the children he transported to school every day. He had a perfect record and was well-trusted by the school and parents alike. However, his boss, Mr. Clark, believed that Peter was too old for the job and that it was time for him to retire.

Reluctantly, Peter agreed to retire, even though he cherished his job and the joy it brought him. He returned home to his lonely life, missing the children’s giggles and pranks that had filled his days. With no hobbies or family around, Peter knew retirement would be a difficult journey for him.

The day before his retirement, while dropping off the kids at his first stop, Peter noticed a woman on the road who had fainted. He quickly attended to her, ensuring she was alright. As he turned around, he saw the front portion of the bus engulfed in flames. The children were screaming and terrified.


Without hesitation, Peter rushed to help the kids. He covered himself with his jacket and bravely entered the flaming bus to rescue the children, sustaining burns on his hands in the process. With the help of firefighters, Peter managed to save all 28 students without any injuries.

The next morning, Peter woke up to a crowd of people outside his house. The entire school, along with parents and his boss, had gathered to thank and praise him for his heroic act. They offered him his job back, appreciating his bravery and dedication to the children’s safety.

However, Peter humbly declined the offer, explaining that he didn’t want to risk the children’s lives due to his health issues. He realized that his love for the job was inseparable from the joy and safety of the children he served.

Despite the temptation of returning to his beloved job, Peter chose to retire gracefully, knowing he had made a difference and cherishing the memories of his time as a bus driver.

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