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Cali Parent Council Criticizes Sussexes for Exploiting Child for Profit Following Failed Million-Dollar Project

Amidst the fallout from their unsuccessful million-dollar venture, the Sussexes find themselves facing scrutiny from the Cali Parent Council.

It appears that when their own endeavors falter, they resort to using their children as a potential solution.
It has recently come to light that the Sussexes arranged for their children to make an appearance at the Independence Day parade in the United States, a stark departure from their previous decision to keep their children shielded from the public eye.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, embracing their American lifestyle, joined in the Independence Day festivities near their Montecito home.

An eyewitness, who shared a photo with The Post, confirmed that Meghan Markle was also present at the event, accompanied by their four-year-old son, Archie. Terry, the Duke, donned jeans, a green crew shirt, and a baseball cap, while Meghan looked more patriotic in a blue and white floral dress.

The couple settled into their lavish $14 million Montecito mansion in 2020. The sprawling 18,000 square foot residence boasts nine bedrooms, set on a five-acre estate featuring rose gardens, century-old olive trees, an outdoor pizza oven, a tea house, and a children’s house, among other amenities.

Meghan Markle’s deal with the audio giant, Spotify, hit a roadblock last month when it was revealed that her podcast, “Archetypes,” would not be renewed for a second season.

The criticism she received from Spotify executive Bill Simmons left her distraught. The $20 million deal between the Sussexes and Spotify ended abruptly, as “Archetypes” only released 12 episodes.

Although their partnership with Spotify concluded, the Sussexes continue to work on new projects with Netflix. However, there are concerns that the couple may need to reevaluate their joint brand approach if they wish to maintain their monetization efforts.

In a joint statement, Spotify and Archewell Audio, Harry and Meghan’s production company, confirmed the mutual agreement to part ways. Nonetheless, questions arose regarding the perceived lack of output from the streaming giant’s perspective.

During an episode released on Spotify, Bill Simmons expressed regret about not being involved in negotiations with Meghan and Harry, referring to them as “grifters.” This term often denotes individuals engaging in small-scale deception or petty swindling.

Megan was deeply upset by the remarks, with a source sharing with Closer magazine that she felt utterly humiliated and at an all-time low. This served as a harsh reality check, prompting the realization that significant changes are necessary to salvage their public image.

Megan’s team has advised her to focus on individual projects rather than relying solely on her association with Harry as part of the “brand Sussex.” They believe that pursuing independent endeavors will open up more opportunities for her career.

While some claim that the Sussexes may have encountered disagreements with Netflix executives, they are still actively working on new projects with the streaming platform. Following the success of their docuseries “Heart of Invictus,” the highly anticipated documentary will be released in August.

The film chronicles wounded and sick armed forces members as they compete to participate in Harry’s cherished Invictus Games.

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