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Camera Catches Harsh Discipline Technique At Son’s School, Parents Outraged

Did you know that spanking and other forms of corporal punishment are still legal for public schools in 19 states?


Did you know that spanking is still legal for private schools in 48 states? While many have moved away from this practice within the home life, stories of incidences where corporal punishment is used as an allowable form of discipline keep emerging.

Recently, one mother in Georgia uploaded a video of her 5-year-old son being punished for spitting on another child by the means of paddling. In this video it can be seen that two administrators are present at attempting to get the child to cooperate for the paddling.

The child is heard screaming out, calling for his mother.


Schools continue to pass out permission forms at the start of the school year in which, if signed, gives the school permission to use corporal punishment as a form of allowable discipline.

Parental consent was given by the child’s mother both verbally and in written form.

The mother of the child in the emerged video, Shana Perez stated that she only signed the consent form to avoid jail time for truancy, a prevalent issue with the family.


Had she not signed it and the child was suspended, Perez feared that the added missed absence would lead to another truancy suit.

On the uploaded video the actual paddling is not shown, however, this is something that continues to impact tens of thousands of students in public schools.

Will a nationwide ban of corporal punishment take effect in the near future? Do you live in a state where corporal punishment is allowed in the public schools?

This primary school in Georgia is not the only state currently implementing this form of punishment.


Schools in Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, and fourteen other states have schools that have corporal punishment in place.

Shana Perez’s son spit on another child which prompts the necessity of consequences, but do yo believe that the appropriate consequences were given?

Child advocates, such as the American Academy of Pediatrics want to enact a ban on the practice as a whole.

Do you agree that a ban should be put in place?

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