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Cashier Sees 19-Year-Old Planning To Buy 6 Coats And Stops Him Before He Has A Chance To Pay

It’s the job of the cashier to pay attention to the actions of customers.


When customers go to a thrift store, they will often get several items that they might not purchase if they were in a typical retail store because they know that they are getting a better deal.

A customer was in a thrift store one day and saw a teenager buying a few coats.

The teen wasn’t buying one or two coats that some teens might purchase.


Instead, the teen had six coats in the cart.

This made the customer a bit curious, so the customer decided to pay attention to what the teen would do next.

The teenager wasn’t getting the coats for himself.

The customer talked to the cashier, and they discovered the reason behind the large purchase.


Together, they came up with a plan to surprise the teen.

The customer was in a Goodwill store located in Ohio when the events of the day took place.

Most Goodwill stores have coats and other articles of clothing for a fraction of the price that you would normally pay in other stores, which is one of the reasons it wasn’t too shocking to see someone with that many coats.

When the customer and cashier talked to the teen about purchasing six different coats, the teen told them that he was planning to give them to homeless people.


After hearing this, the customer posted a social media story and a picture so that others would know of the generous heart that the teen has and to show that anyone could do something small for someone else.

The total for the coats was $65, which the customer paid for so that the teen wouldn’t have to spend his own money.

The customer didn’t get the teen’s name but wanted him to know that he should be recognized for his good deed.

The teen was eventually identified as a 19-year-old who lived in the area.


He decided that day that he wanted to do something to help someone, so he went to get the coats at the store.

His childhood encouraged him to get the coats because it wasn’t always the best, so he wanted to show someone else that another person cares.

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