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Cat kept stealing the neighbor’s puppies, they took a closer look and quickly realized the unthinkable reason why!

Per reports, one day, Missy looked out and saw a cat carrying a small animal by the scruff its neck. The first thing that came to her mind was, wow that kitty just caught a nice breakfast and she felt a little bad for the small creature.

So, the woman kept her on the cat as it traveled with the small animal in it’s mouth. She was intrigued, got a little closer and realized this was no squirrel or chipmunk it was a puppy. Missy reportedly had a female dog that had just given birth to a litter of puppies.

She arrived at her place one evening, and quickly realized five of the puppies had vanished. They were too young to run away she thought. So, the unfortunate woman then began asking neighbors if they saw her heard anything because the puppies had magically disappeared.

When she got to the woman’s house who initially saw the cat carrying the small mammal by the scruff; the woman quickly realized that the cat she saw was stealing Missy’s puppies!

She told Missy how she watched the cat gently pick up each puppy one by one and bring them to a random shed or trailer where she could do whatever she wanted with the puppies out of view of any spectators.

Then as they began piecing all the missing parts together, they found the cat’s owner Ryan who informed Missy that their cat was recently pregnant, gave birth to kittens but tragically none of them survived. They told Missy that cat had been pretty depressed and acting strange since she lost all her babies.

The mother of the puppies, Smoochie, had simultaneously just given birth to her litter at the same time, the cat lost her babies. For some strange reason Smoochie, had no interest in her puppies and her motherly instincts just weren’t there.

This does happen, although not very often, dogs and cats both sometimes have a litter and basically just have no interest in raising them or just abandon them.

So, when the car saw that Smoochie wasn’t nurturing and taking care of her puppies, the feline’s motherly instincts which were already surfaced, had kicked into full gear. The amazing cat would travel over to Smoochie’s property and just pick the puppies up and take them to a safe shed.

Smoochie would watch and just let it happen because she had no interest and being a mom. The cat had been pregnant just a short time before the puppies were born, so she had milk to spare.

When they went to the shed where the cat was bringing the tiny canines, they saw that she had remarkably been nursing them, just as if they were her kitten! The dog was totally fine with the cat becoming their adopted mom and basically handed over all responsibility to the motherly feline.

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