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Catherine and William Allegedly Turn Meghan Markle and Prince Harry into Clowns During NYC ‘Fake’ Royal Tour

The Prince and Princess of Wales are setting an example for the Sussexes. Let’s see what the real royals were up to on World Mental Health Day. I understand that we often discuss the Sussexes, and it’s not because I want to; it’s because I believe it needs to be done.


As we’ve talked about before, I don’t see Meghan and Harry as harmless; I find them incredibly harmful. However, sometimes we all need a break. So, I’m happy to announce that this video won’t focus on the Montecito Malcontents.Let’s take this opportunity to discuss what William and Catherine did for World Mental Health Day. I hope you won’t be disappointed that this video won’t revolve around Meghan and Harry.

There are a couple of articles I want to share. The first one talks about Prince William and Princess Catherine’s visit to Birmingham. The title reads, “Prince William Shares How He Looks After His Mental Health.” Personally, I find it more interesting to hear how William looks after his mental health compared to Harry. So, let’s delve into what he had to say.

As reported earlier, on the same day that Meghan and Harry held their mental health panel discussion in the US, William and Catherine were in the UK, specifically in Birmingham. During a two-hour event, they discussed how young people can take care of their mental health. Their approach is distinct from Meghan and Harry, who often focus on trauma and victimhood. Instead, William and Catherine offer a more positive perspective.


William was asked about the tools he uses for maintaining good mental health. He mentioned general maintenance, emphasizing the importance of activities like walking, getting fresh air, and taking breaks from screens. Humor is also significant to him, as he believes it’s essential to find humor in life’s lighter aspects. Spending time with friends and family also contributes to his well-being.

It’s heartening to see that Prince William’s approach to mental health doesn’t involve expensive endeavors. He values the simple things in life and believes that the best things often come free.

William highlighted his dedication to learning from young people and understanding how he and Catherine can shape their work in mental health. He’s eager to hear from young people and learn from their experiences to improve his work.

Catherine, too, made an important point about mental health. She emphasized the significance of discussing mental health before people reach a crisis point. This proactive approach can help prevent issues from escalating. Catherine’s unwavering positivity and her focus on mental well-being are truly admirable.


Catherine also participated in a workshop called “Exploring Our Emotions.” During the session, participants used an emotions wheel to identify and express their feelings. The emphasis was on building emotional vocabulary to encourage open conversations about mental health.

William and Catherine’s commitment to mental health is evident, and their actions speak volumes. They genuinely care about helping young people navigate their mental health challenges.

Additionally, there’s a heartwarming story to share. A 12-year-old boy named Freddy Hadley invited Prince William to his school, St. Michael’s Church of England High School in Rowley Regis, West Midlands. They were organizing a mental health awareness campaign, and Freddy hoped that Prince William could talk to the students.

In his invitation, Freddy mentioned that their campaign aimed to tackle gender stereotypes, particularly the notion that “girls cry and boys get mad.” He expressed concerns about young male suicide rates, highlighting the importance of starting conversations about mental health.


Prince William, though unable to attend due to prior commitments, responded personally to Freddy’s invitation. He wrote, “Good afternoon, Freddy. I’m so sorry Catherine and I can’t be with you and the rest of the students at St. Michael’s today. Tackling mental health challenges and stigmas head-on is so important. Please keep up this important work.”

Freddy was stunned to receive a response from Prince William, and his gratitude was palpable. He is part of a group called the Matrix Project, comprising 11 to 14-year-old boys. They focus on mental health and have made significant strides in promoting these discussions.

This story reminds us that there is still much beauty and goodness in the world. People like Freddy and the royal family are working tirelessly to make a positive impact. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s essential to remember that good things are happening too.

In summary, Prince William and Princess Catherine are actively engaged in promoting mental health, with a focus on proactive measures and building emotional vocabulary. Their dedication to helping young people navigate mental health challenges is truly commendable. Freddy’s story also serves as a heartwarming reminder that there are many good-hearted individuals striving to make a positive impact.

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