Checkout what this family did with planks they have been collecting for months

For months, this family has been collecting wooden planks and wooden pallets, waiting patiently to make a drop in its kitchen floor and dining area. The cost was nil, but the result? Spectacular!

When this family decided to renovate their kitchen floor and dining area, they decided to do so on a very small budget. That means they needed raw materials that wouldn’t cost them alot, and they had to do the work themselves.

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Luckily, they knew someone who could provide them with free wooden pallets. Each time wooden pallets arrived, the family added them to a pile in the warehouse.

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The first task was to take out the nails and separate the planks. And this little one stood up to the task heroically. He and the rest of the family ended up pulling out more than 9,000 nails!

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It was important to make sure they took out all the nails, as one nail would ruin the machine that turns those planks into parquet. And since the family borrowed the machine from a friend, one nail could have ruined their
relationship as well.

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When they had enough wood, it was time to bring it to the friend’s carpentry shop. There they cut the planks to a width of 12 cm and a thickness of 1.25 cm.

When the planks looked like parquet tiles, the wood was ready for the kitchen floor and dining area.

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When they laid the planks they started to get a beautiful shape together.

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Not only is it enough to take out the nails, this little one has started to build himself a castle that will probably be the family’s next project.

After all the hard work, the family’s dream began to pay off. The new floor looks just amazing!

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In the kitchen the floor is almost ready.

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After 18 months of supreme effort, the family can finally celebrate!

And not only does this family have amazing flooring in the house, their floor is also very unique. Money can not buy this special look.. and it certainly can not buy the happiness that this family surely feel.

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