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Child Complains About Day Care Worker So Her Husband Installs Camera To Record Her


Children are a blessing. Yes, they can sometimes be challenging. But in the end, they are a joy.When it comes to finding daycare for your child, it can be daunting. Who can you trust to watch your child for you?

After watching this video, you may decide not to trust anyone.Desiree LaBlanc, a child protective investigator from Des Moines, IA, found a daycare to watch her daughter.

If a child protective investigator thinks it is a good daycare – it must be – right? Wrong.


Christina Williamson, 28, was the reason the daycare was unacceptable. Why would someone who runs a daycare mistreat helpless babies?

Just wait until you watch the video below. It is shocking! Thankfully, Williamson is no longer working with children.

She is wholly unsuited to care for any living creature.

Take a look at this video


Funny part of the story is that it was Williamson’s own husband who installed the cameras that caught her!

Thank goodness, though.

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