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Children laid motionless on ground, ‘when cops realized why, they immediately took action’!

As all parents know by now, children are often full of energy and ideas, some more than others. These kids had a rather more urgent need to employ their creativity.


While out on an Easter egg hunt as part of a charity event to raise money for a boy with leukemia, the children suddenly heard a helicopter. When they looked up, they realized that it was a police helicopter.

The police were chasing two suspected burglars when the men split up. The children could see the direction in which the men went… and swiftly took action to guide the policemen above. The children had the brilliant idea to lay down and form a human arrow with their bodies.

At first, the police didn’t understand what it was they were doing – but they soon realized that the children were pointing them toward the perpetrators. The men, aged 27 and 28, were later arrested on suspicion of burglary thanks to the children’s clever idea. The police later flew back to thank the children for their invaluable help.


Watch the childrens’ brilliant reaction in the video below:

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