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Claire McCaskill: Ron DeSantis Cannot Defeat Donald Trump Because He Lacks Trump’s Showmanship (VIDEO)

Former Senator Claire McCaskill (D-MO) argued on MSNBC Thursday evening that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is incapable of defeating former President Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican presidential primary because he lacks Trump’s personality and showmanship.


McCaskill pointed to DeSantis’ recent promotion of a virulently homophobic anti-Trump attack ad released by his super PAC as evidence that he is trying to out-Trump Trump in order to win over Republican primary voters. However, McCaskill said that DeSantis is no match for Trump in terms of showmanship and charisma.

“In order to be a con man, you have to have showmanship,” McCaskill said. “And Ron DeSantis is no showman. He doesn’t have the personality to be a showman. He is awkward. Frankly, he has the personality of kind of a dead frog.”


McCaskill’s assessment was echoed by MSNBC anchor Alex Wagner, who said that DeSantis is “overcompensating for a lack of personality and personal skills by just trying to be the meanest, most aggressive, shirtless warrior out there.”

“It’s like he’s trying to be a Donald Trump impersonator,” Wagner said. “But he’s not Donald Trump. He doesn’t have the same charisma or showmanship.”

McCaskill concluded by saying that DeSantis’ strategy of trying to out-Trump Trump is “a bizarre calculation” that is unlikely to succeed.

“Trump is a very talented and magnetic campaigner,” McCaskill said. “DeSantis is not. And I think that’s going to be a big problem for him in the 2024 Republican primary.”


Watch below or click the link.

Claire McCaskill says DeSantis has the “personality of a dead frog”

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