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Comedian Flame Monroe support Macy Gray after Her recent comments about Trans women

Recall that BuzzShade reported that Popular entertainer Macy Gray faced some backlash after her comment about Trans women.

According to her, changing some body parts doesn’t necessarily make someone a woman.

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While supporting what Macy Gray said, Flame Monroe who is a trans woman, spoke out in a video posted to Instagram.

“This message is directly for Macy Gray. Macy Gray, I want to tell you out the words of my mouth from my portion of the LGBTQIA+ community that I wholeheartedly support you and thank you for seeing the real world for what it is. I do not believe or transphobic, homophobic, or any other kind of phobic. I believe that you know science and biology cause here are the three things, gender is a fact, identity is how you feel, and sexuality is your desire.”

Flame continued to say,

“Until you have a heart and mind of a woman, I don’t believe that you could ever possibly be a biological woman. Trans women as trans women, trans men are trans men, women are women, and men are men. It is as simple as that, there shouldn’t be any argument about this.”

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