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Cop Takes Homeless Widow’s Kids, What She Did Next Was Shocking

Officer Stanley Newman warned Martha that if she didn’t care for her children she’d lose her parental, rights and he’d have to take them away the woman pleaded with him. Not to do so, but officer Newman had no choice. Martha had nowhere to go after her.


In-Laws kicked her out of their house. Her husband had died tragically in a car accident, and her mother-in-law was pretty convinced that her daughter-in-law was a bad open in her son’s life, which is why it happened.

Martha an orphan and now a widow with three children and no money or shelter wandered the streets. For a while, before finding a small job to support her children during the day, she’d collect plastic wraps and sell them to vendors for a few dollars and at night, she’d scour the alleys behind restaurants for leftovers to feed her children.

Needless to say, that was insufficient and she and her children were struggling, but everything changed the day. She met officer noon. He was one of the best officers in his department and was recently assigned to a drug smuggling case in New York.


He was passing by Manhattan signal one wintry evening when his gaze was drawn to Martha, who was sitting on the roadside with her children wrapped in a blanket officer, Newman initially avoided them, because there’s never a shortage of homeless people in New York, worst of all, they’ll. Sometimes cling to you for money and half of them are frequently intoxicated or on cheap drunks.

But after looking at Martha’s kids officer Newman was concerned, the children were lean and thin as if they hadn’t eaten. In a long time. Martha appeared to be in no better shape with pale face, which indicated a lack of blood, a lifeless expression and dried lips due to the cone are those your children.

Is she begging and selling drugs with them officer Newman’s mind was racing with a suspicion of one of the most common smuggling cases and he decided to approach Martha. Excuse me, he exclaimed emphatically. You need to get up from here you’re in the way of the pedestrians and whose kids are these huh. What who’s there! Please don’t touch.

My children, Martha said this as she doted away and grabbed her children tiling it a reflex action performed by almost every mother. While it’s high time you wake up. What evidence do you have that these children are yours officer, Newman’s arms were formed?


Do you have any credentials ID well, I don’t have any of those things with me, but don’t take them they’re. My children, Martha clarified, sorry man, but every other criminal who’s been caught abusing children and forcing them to commit crime says the same thing.

Come with me. You and the children we need to conduct a background investigation, Martha begden pleaded with the officer, but he ignored her. The kids were taken to a safe location by another officer that night and Martha was interrogated about her background, Martha sobbed and told the officers her entire story.

They also consulted a doctor who conducted DNA tests when it was discovered that Martha was telling the truth officer. Newman went to her in-laws house to take her in, but neighbors claimed that the couple had left town after their son died and put the house up for sale.

I’M sorry Martha officer Newman said, but your in-laws are no longer staying there and we can help you with that. As far as the kids are concerned, we can’t let them stay with you. He’Ll be deprived of their parental rights, as you can’t look after them, but officer the only place I could stay was at my in-laws house, Martha explained.


I know I don’t have the means to support my children, but please don’t take my children away from me. I’Ll be back on my feet soon, looking at Martha’s condition, officer Newman knew she couldn’t get back on her feet soon, so we offered her a job as a janitor at the local police department.

Newman’S co-workers also assisted the woman and for a while they housed her children in a hotel room and covered the expenses. After Martha started earning she asked officer Newman to stop supporting her and rented a small flat for herself and the children after a few months. She was able to send her eldest son to school and she began working another job on weekends to prepare for the next child in line.

Meanwhile, officer Newman and his colleagues often visited Martha’s home, bringing her groceries and helped her in whatever way they could. Several years passed in this manner and Martha managed to attain a good financial position soon she left New York and relocated to Texas.

She’D been offered a position as a nursery teacher, so she quit her job as a janitor at the police station. After moving to Texas, fate allowed Martha to start her life all over again at her new school, she met a man named David who often came to drop his daughter off and before they realized it.


They were in love the couple married soon after and when Martha found out, she was expecting a child. She returned to officer Newman to express her gratitude. The retired officer had a new job and became the Godfather of the chime foreign.

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