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Cops Hear Odd Noise Coming From Shed, Horrified When They Look Inside

While responding to a disturbance call, Hoke County deputies in North Carolina heard an odd noise coming from a shed behind the home, and things soon took a disturbing turn for the worst. When the officers looked inside the shed through the window, they were left horrified to see what was hidden inside of it.


The deputies thought they were on an average disturbance call when their shift took an unexpected turn. While scanning the home, they heard an unusual noise coming from a shed in the backyard, prompting them to investigate further.

However, nothing could have prepared them for what they saw when they peered inside the cluttered shed. They were quickly left horrified to see that something was looking back at them – a woman tied up with rope and a chain.


After cops heard an odd noise coming from a shed (left), they were horrified when they looked inside and discovered what Gary Alen McNair (right) was hiding there.

The deputies quickly discovered that the woman had been bound and imprisoned in the shed against her will by her boyfriend after helping to free her. According to ABC 11, she had been held captive for about an hour and was covered with bruises on her arms and wrists.

Gary Alen McNair, 52, was quickly arrested and charged with second-degree kidnapping. As it turns out, McNair’s mother, Verdell McNair, had called 911 after she heard noises coming from her property, according to Daily Mail. Little did she know, her son, who lived next door, had been using her shed as his dungeon for the woman he had kidnapped.

“I said, ‘Oh my God! What in the world?’ I hurried up and shut my door,” Verdell recalled. Then, she says she went and got her gun and waited for the police to arrive.


Although it must have been terrifying for Verdell to hear unexplained noises on her property, there’s no argument that the kidnapped woman was far more frightened. Luckily, the kidnapper was apprehended and these women can rest easy, knowing that justice will be served.

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