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Couple Discovers Dying Cop In Their Yard, Leave Him With Something ‘Special’

It was early in the morning on May 21 when Officer Ronald Tarentino from the Auburn Massachusetts police department was shot during a traffic stop.

Nearby, Tammy Lemieux and her husband heard the shots as they laid in bed – and then they heard “Help, officer down, officer down.”

dying cop

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Tammy and her husband rushed to where Tarentino was and tried to keep him calm. Tarentino, 42, died later at the hospital. Tammy said in an interview that she wants his family to know that he wasn’t alone during that scary time and that she hopes he rests in peace.

dying cop

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A manhunt was conducted immediately following the shooting and the gunman, 35-year-old Jorge A. Zambrano, was shot and killed by police 18 hours later. Tammy and her husband are being given praise for being there for Tarentino in his final hours.

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