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Couple Had A Bitter Divorce, But When New Girlfriend Moves In She’s Left Horrified By Ex’s Actions

Dividing up marital assets is a nightmare – you have to decide who gets the house, the cars, everything. Not to mention who will have custody of the children or pets!?

Jerald and Catherine had been married for 37 years when they got a divorce. Jerald decided to shack up with his young secretary, who insisted that Jerald keep the multimillion-dollar home.

She wanted to move into the house with him (can you say ‘gold digger’?). Catherine was given three days to move out in the divorce decree on her way out, Catherine decided to put half-eaten shrimp shells that had been dipped in caviar into all the curtain rods!


Jerald and his new girlfriend tried everything to get rid of the awful smell (clean carpets, expensive deodorizing treatments, and exterminators).

Take a look at this video

Finally, the couple tried to sell the home – but who would buy an expensive and smelly house?! Share away, people.

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