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Couple ordered their teen daughter ‘to go all the way with her brothers to prepare for an event of great importance’!

Per report, when she was just 16 years old, Serah reportedly ran away from home and stayed hidden for about a year before finally revealing secrets about her family.

After she came forward with allegations of se-ual abuse going on in her family, her 54-year-old father, Robert, and her 49-year-old mother Deborah were both arrested as part of the investigation.

Robert and Deborah are parents to 18 biological children as well as one adopted child. Two of their sons, 26-year-old Jonathan and 24-year-old Josiah were also charged and taken into custody in connection with the case.

As Serah spoke about her story, she revealed that her parents would force the children to go to a cult church that was run by her uncle, James.

In this church, she heard her uncle preach about pr0creating with siblings. “All the kids would have to go, whether they wanted to or not—even if you were sick, you had to go, it didn’t matter,”

Sera said, according to the Daily Mail. “Anytime he’d say anything, I’d just kind of repeat it in my head, like, how messed up it kind of sounded.

He’d always talk about the end of the world and how you’d repr0duce with your siblings.”
Reports say that Serah’s parents “ordered” her to “have se* with her brothers to prepare for the doomsday apocalypse,” according to The Sun.

It was also reported that James was rewriting entire sections of the Bible to advocate his teachings, along with promoting the idea of inc-st among family members.

James claimed he was retranslating the Bible to produce a more faithful version. And when asked by officials about why he was changing the scriptures, he answered: “God. The Holy Spirit.

I don’t have to answer to any man. God. You have to answer to God yourself,” per reports.

The man also said about himself: “I’m not one of the twelve (biblical apostles). It’s my calling, I’m an apostle.”
One of his church members, Valerie , said: “He’s doing translations as God gives them to him, to be more perfected by the Lord—praise the Lord—but that’s a good thing. He’s an apostle, yes.

Praise the Lord.” After Serah’s allegations came to light, James claimed he never preached about siblings having children with each other and called it a complete lie.

“Due to lies told by the prosecutor thus far I will not believe she even said these things, until I could talk to her directly,” James also said.

Parents Robert and Deborah were charged with one count of engaging in corrupt activity and two counts of endangering children.

Their son, Josiah, is accused of ra-ing two of his sisters while Jonathan is charged with gross se-ual imposition involving one of his siblings.

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