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Couple posted celebration photo, ‘looked closer at background and regretted it’!

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The before and after picture they posted on their 10th anniversary garnered so much attention and went viral. The couple became puzzled as to why this particular picture caught more attention than usual. After deciding to go through the comments under the post, it all began to make sense to them.


Even though the couple had become quite well-known thanks to their dominating presence on Instagram and were used to getting a lot of attention from their photos, their anniversary photo was different. It gathered way more attention than ever.

Wendy and Den are the absolute definition of couple goals. But it wasn’t until they posted an anniversary picture that they realized just exactly what type of couple they truly are. The two already had quite a high online presence from their jobs, but the reaction they got from this picture was much different than anything they had ever expected.

It took them a while to comprehend the reactions from their fans, but at the end of it all, they couldn’t have been more grateful to find out just what everyone thinks. To get to the bottom of this, the couple decided to read the comments under the post.

It became clear why this picture was so unique. Den and Wendy are famous YouTubers, and their beautiful love story started when Den sent a friend request on Facebook to Wendy some years back.


Then, 18-year-old Den was in college studying Exercise Science, while 17-year-old Wendy was still in high school and wanted to pursue a career in public healthcare. Den found Wendy stunning and instantly sent her a friend request. He even messaged her hoping that she would reply. After some time, the couple decided to give a relationship a try, but Wendy had worries and decided to break things off. She wanted to discover who she was without Den. It was a hard decision, but Den agreed it was the right one to make.

However, their connection did not end there. After being with each other for such a transitional period of their life, it seemed like they were each caught in a storm of fog, making their vision of the world and their own personal self difficult to capture. The picture exploded, and people were fascinated by how the couple appeared much younger now than before. It looked like they aged in reverse.

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