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Dad Learns Daughter Stays in School Janitor’s Room after Classes and Gets Suspicious

A busy dad grew suspicious after his daughter didn’t come home from school on time. He discovered she’d been spending time inside the school Janitor’s Closet. For a shocking reason, Clive was a single father to his eight-year-old daughter, Stacy, his beloved wife Stella died from a terminal illness in the Lost devastated, Clive and Stacy.


After Stella’s death, Clive buried himself at work. He believed he needed to work extra hard to pay the bills and provide Stacy with a good future.

Likewise, Stacy also took her mom’s death hard. She suddenly became silent and would barely talk whenever she was home. She would often Retreat to a room and draw fish. One day Clive saw drawing an aquarium. Are you fascinated by fish?

He asked his daughter thinking her dad was interested in them as well. She smiled and nodded her head. I am dead. Do you think we could have an aquarium I’d love to have some pet fish? She asked Clive small and shook his head an aquarium.


I don’t think you’re gon na take care of the fish anyway you’re too young. He said Trucking off Stacy’s request. The truth was Clive didn’t want any additional expenses around the house. He was already having a hard time paying the bills and he still had to pay for Stacy’s babysitter, whom he relied on heavily fine Stacy’s sign. Would you like to draw some fish with me?

Instead, dad climb shook his head once more sorry, sweetie dad’s a bit tired from work, I’m gon na rest. He replied before heading to the bedroom. The following day, Stacy didn’t come home from school on time. She would usually be home by four o’clock, but she was nowhere to be found that day. Her babysitter Linda grew, worried, Linda decided to walk around the neighborhood to see whether or not Stacy was around when she got back home almost an hour later.

It was only then that Stacy followed soon. Where have you been? She asked the young girl. I was so worried about you. Sorry, Linda.

I had so much fun playing in school that I overlooked the time. Please don’t tell Dad. I was late, it’s no big deal. Stacy played it Linda, agreed not to tell Clive for as long as Stacey didn’t do it again, I’m responsible for you sweetie. I don’t want anything bad to happen to you, so please don’t do that again.


She won’t, unfortunately, the following day. The same thing happened again. This time Linda decided to tell Clive about it, sir Stacy isn’t home yet, and it’s already 5 PM. Do you want me to check the school grounds, Clive told Linda to stay home in case Stacy Kane, but he left his office and went to the school himself. There he got Mrs James Stacy’s homeroom teacher hi, ma’am, sorry to interrupt your afternoon.

I just wanted to ask if Stacy’s been staying in school longer. These past few days is anything wrong. Mrs James asked Clive to sit down, so they could quickly chat. She revealed that Stacy had been voluntarily staying behind after class Stacy’s, not in any trouble. She isn’t part of detention.

She assured Clive. However, she stays behind to spend some time with our School Janitor. Mr Peters he’s a middle-aged man and the two seem to get along. Well, Clive was taken aback by Mrs James calmness. You mean to say you allow my daughter to be alone with a middle-aged man.

He asked Mrs James assured climb that Mr Peters was a good man who always spend time with the kids. He loves children and would often play with him after school. Besides their surveillance cameras around the school to ensure that all her pupils are always safe. She explained after their quick Chad. Clive was not convinced.


The next day he ambushed his daughter in school barging inside the janitor’s room Stacy. He said loudly, the young girl in Mr Peter’s jumped to the sudden, sound, but before Clive could say anything more. He realized he’d misjudged the situation significantly. What he saw inside the Janitor’s Closet brought tears to his eyes. Stacy was sitting quietly, observing the fish inside a beautifully designed aquarium.

Next to her, Mr Peters was reading her a book about fish, dad Stacy said in Surprise. I’M sorry I’ve been spending time with Mr Peters, because he’s teaching me about fish watching his aquarium makes me feel Karma less alone. She admitted Clive realized that he’d been neglecting his daughter for far too long. It was his responsibility to care for her and not Mr Peters, he quickly apologized to the janitor for barging in on them and not being aware of Stacy’s needs. Then he turned to Stacy and embraced her, I’m sorry sweetheart.

I know it’s been difficult for you ever since mom passed away. I haven’t been a present dad and for that you’ve been feeling lonely. I promise I’ll do better. He told her before going home that day, Clive and Stacy passed by a pet store. They bought a beautiful aquarium and Clive asked Stacy to pick out the fish she wanted as her pets.

The young girl was delighted and couldn’t help, but keep hugging her dad to thank him. Thank you Dad. This is the best day ever she squealed every day, when Stacy would come home from school and climb from work. They would spend time together watching the fish and reading books about them. Clive stopped alienating his daughter and spent all his free time with her.

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