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Dad Put Baby Up For Adoption — 24 Years Later They Realize They Were Always ‘Together’

Sometimes this world can be a very big place. Other times, it is very small. This story spans 24 years all in the same city.

Will Russell had a baby girl that he knew he couldn’t take care of, he was too young and was addicted to alcohol. He put her up for adoption.

Twenty-four years later, his daughter, Amy, tracked him down. Amy called Will, and they talked. They both were living in Phoenix and decided to meet for breakfast the very next day.

When they sat down to talk, they both revealed that they were volunteers at the same rescue mission, the Phoenix Rescue Mission!

Watch the video for all the details!

Take a look at this video

They had been working in different parts of the mission, though, and had never run into each other.

But even if they had – would they have known the connection they shared?

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