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Dad Unleashes Fury on Daughter’s Abusive Boyfriend, Exposes His Face


A 27-year-old man named Cedric Powe, who hails from St. Charles in Missouri, United States, was arrested in late 2016 for the alleged beating of his 20-year-old then-girlfriend has been arrested by authorities in St. Louis.

The beatings and the attempt on her life occurred in 2015 – Chelsea Simmons was punched, kicked and strangled by Cedric Powe.

The attack left Chelsea permanently blind in her left eye, which enraged her father to offer a reward of $500 for any information on Cedric Powe back in 2012.


Chelsea was also kidnapped in December 2013, where Cedric demanded a cash ransom from her family in exchange for her safe return during the holidays.

Cedric Powe reportedly stomped on Chelsea’s head after knocking her out, causing her to be unable to retaliate.

Doctors told her family that she was on the brink of death.

Her strangulation was so severe that it left several bruises that spanned across her neck.


Today, Chelsea lives happily with her family and daughter, although she remains scarred due to this incident.

Cedric Powe remains behind bars to this day.

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