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Defenseless Baby Macaques Suffer Brutal Torture for ‘Amusement’

Defenseless baby macaques are being crushed, beaten, and brutally killed for “amusement” in horrifying videos that glorify the tiny monkeys’ suffering. This terrible trend must end, and Lady Freethinker is fighting every day on the animals’ behalf.

Beaten. Stuffed into bottles. Burned alive. Helpless baby monkeys are suffering extreme cruelty in videos sold for profit and posted all over the web, as revealed in extensive investigative work.

Lady Freethinker is committed to ending these horrific videos.

The nightmare must end. Helpless infant macaques have been battered, amputated, and killed in agonizing ways, investigations by Lady Freethinker and Action for Primates have found. Multiple suspects have been prosecuted for this horrendous torture. However, others are still out there, and videos continue to circulate as viewers joke about the baby animals’ pain.

With your support, LFT will continue fighting to end baby monkey cruelty — as well as cruelty to all animals — with investigations, legal efforts, and global awareness campaigns. From helping fund animal attorneys to garnering international media coverage to tracking videos every day, LFT is dedicated to stopping the abuse. We will not rest until no baby monkey suffers for human “amusement.”

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