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DeSantis refuse to answer if he would support Trump if he became GOP nominee

Following an address in Tampa, Florida on Thursday, Governor Ron DeSantis refused to clearly answer a reporter’s question about whether he will be backing Donald Trump as a presidential hopeful if he becomes the Republican nominee.

Asked whether he will “100 percent pledge to support Trump as the GOP nominee”, DeSantis responded:

“What I would say is this: When you are saying Cuomo did better on Covid than Florida did, you are revealing yourself to just be full of it.”

“Nobody believes that, and you know why I know that? Because I remember in 2020 and 2021, when he was praising Florida for being open, saying we did it much better than New York and Michigan and everyone was coming to Florida…he used to say that all the time.”

“Now all of a sudden his tune is changing and I just tell people, ‘Do you find it credible? Would have rather been in New York during Covid under Cuomo regime or would you rather have been in the free state of Florida,’ and I probably can count the number of Republicans on my hand in the nation who would have rather been under Cuomo in NY and we know that. These are just frivolous criticisms.”

DeSantis added that Trump’s claims are working against him since he had been saying good things about Florida for years.

“And now he’s trying to backtrack, because he views he needs to do that, and he’s saying things that are false.”

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