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Desperate Mom Tries To Contact A Friend, But Accidentally Contacts A Stranger Who Shows Her A Miracle

We have spell checkers and grammar checking apps. So, why then do we still see typos? Because nothing is perfect. No matter how hard we try, a tiny mistake sometimes will leak through.

In this story, that tiny mistake turned out to be the best mistake ever made! A homeless woman, Amy Rickel, from Appleton, Wisconsin, needed help.

mom and miracle
Image Credit: Amy Rickel / GoFundMe

Without a home or a job and only a broken down car, things were looking bleak for Amy and her three children. Amy reached out to a friend on Facebook – but accidently sent the message to someone with a name very similar to her friend (here enters the mistake).

mom and miracle
Image Credit: WPXI

The man who got Amy’s message, Brian Van Boxtel decided to help. He believed there was a reason that he got the message. Boxtel offered to pay for Amy’s hotel room.

mom and miracle
Image Credit: Facebook / KTRE-TV

But he didn’t stop there! He and Amy set up a GoFundMe account. The account touched the hearts of people who wanted to help Amy and her family this holiday.

mom and miracle
Image Credit: Live 5 News

Amy, a licensed practical nurse, was even offered a job! Chad Morack found out about her credentials and spread the word. A recruiter at TotalMed, Alexandria Witkowski, worked tirelessly to find Amy a full-time job.

mom and miracle
Image Credit: WPXI

Nine days after she made a tiny typo – Amy’s life had made a complete turnaround. And you know what?

mom and miracle
Image Credit: WPXI

All of the people who helped her were strangers. They didn’t know Amy at all. They helped because it was the right thing to do! Who can you help today?

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