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Desperate Mother Pays The Price After Latest Beauty Trend Goes Horribly Wrong

People will do some crazy things to try and keep up with the latest fads – sometimes the results are disastrous. In Hertfordshire, England, Kirsty Weston bought heavy-duty bleach powder from a street vendor and used it to lighten her hair. The box said it met all safety standards – but don’t be fooled!

mom beauty trend
Image Credit: PA Real Life

Kirsty was trying to get her hair shades of pastel to resemble a unicorn’s mane. The moment Kirsty put the bleach powder on her hair, she felt severe pain. Warning: Some of the images below are graphic.

In just 15 minutes, her hair was smoking, and the excruciating pain made her start to feel dizzy.

mom beauty trendImage Credit: PA Real Life
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