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Did You Ever Wonder What This Tiny Hole Next To Your Ear Is There For?

If you’re among these people who have a tiny hole next to your ear, you’re among the very few in the world.


Though all humans have similar DNA, some traits make us unique, such as our fingerprints, birthmarks or skin tags. And a really small percentage of the world population has a small hole in the top front of the ear. This is not a birthmark or a birth defect.

It is called an ear pit, or, medically speaking, a preauricular sinus. It was first documented as a human characteristic and not a flaw by Van Heusinger back in 1864.

Studies show that “only 1 per cent of people in the US have this, as well as .9 per cent in the UK and 4 to 10 per cent in Asia and parts of Africa. In South Korea, as much as 5 per cent of people may have it”.


The ear pit doesn’t have any particular function, nor is very visible, so you won’t mind having it. However, sometimes it can get infected like any other hole, and if you feel irritated or signs of inflammation appear, seek medical assistance and advice.


However, there is an interesting theory about the ear pit. The evolutionary biologist, Neil Shubin has a theory that these extra ear holes might be a remnant of the evolution of the humans who evolved from fish people, or, mermaids.

It is scientifically proven that over the extremely long process of the development of Earth such as we know it now, many different phases have occurred – hot lava, frozen lands and oceans all over the surface.

This ear pit hole might just be a leftover proof of our ancestors who once lived under the water.

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