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‘Do you want to die today?’ asks kidnapping, assault suspect at Phoenix airport

Michael Andre Colville, a 61-year-old man with a previous record of sexual assault, was arrested on March 18 on charges of kidnapping and assault at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. According to court documents, Colville followed a woman from Economy Lot B to her vehicle and pushed her from behind, asking her “Do you want to die today?” The victim managed to kick Colville in the groin and fight him off.


This disturbing incident highlights the importance of self-defense and situational awareness. At REACT Defense Systems in North Phoenix, head instructor Josh Ackerman stresses that self-defense is not just for women, but for men and all ages. The first step in protecting yourself, he says, is being aware of your surroundings and not looking like an easy target.

Putting down your cell phone and taking out your earbuds for just a moment to listen and observe your environment are simple ways to increase your situational awareness. Ackerman also emphasizes the importance of knowing how to strike vulnerable areas, such as the throat and groin, to fend off attackers.

“When someone goes to attack you or choose you as a victim, the last thing they are thinking of is somebody fighting back,” Ackerman says. “So sometimes putting up any type of struggle would cause the attacker to just be like this isn’t worth it and go away.”


Taking a self-defense class, like those offered at REACT Defense Systems, can provide the knowledge and skills necessary to protect yourself in potentially dangerous situations. It’s essential to be prepared and remain vigilant, as incidents like the one at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport can happen to anyone.

Colville is currently being held on a $50,000 bond and faces a preliminary hearing on March 28.

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