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Doctor screamed in disbelief and was left stunned ‘when he found baby growing in the most unusual body part’!

When the 33-year-old woman went to the hospital, she was left stunned when doctors discovered a fetus growing in the most unusual body part.


It was reportedly an extremely rare case of ectopic pregnancy, an extraordinary occurrence where a fertilized egg implants itself somewhere other than the main cavity of the uterus. If and when this rarity happens, women can experience symptoms like v-ginal bleeding and pelvic and abdominal pain which worsens as the fetus grows where it shouldn’t.

The woman, who was not identified, visited a doctor to talk about her unusually lengthy m-nstrual bleeding, explained pediatrician Dr. Michael. “I thought I had seen it all,” said Dr. Michael, adding how the woman had been experiencing m-nstrual bleeding for 14 days straight.

Moreover, it had been “49 days since her last m-nstrual period.” A sonogram later revealed the stunning reason behind her symptoms. “What they find in the liver is this: a baby,” explained the doctor pointing at a screenshot of the fetus. The medical expert noted how in a normal ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized eggs often winds up getting stuck in the fallopian tube.


According to reports, ectopic pregnancies are relatively common in the U.S., the chances being about one in fifty. However, they rarely leave the ova pass and fix themself on the abdominal wall. A report in Intractable and Rare Diseases Research revealed that only 14 cases such cases have been reported globally in the 35 years before November 1999. That being said, this woman’s case was even rarer than the above-mentioned occurrences as her embryo wound up traveling up to the liver where they implanted, noted the astonished doctor.

“We see these sometimes in the abdomen but never in the liver. This is a first for me,” admitted Dr. Michael, who works for the Children’s Hospital Research Institute, according to The Post.

While it is an intriguing situation for those studying medicine, the condition can prove to be dangerous for both the mother and the child as the embryo that attaches itself outside the uterus is rarely able to develop properly.

The situation was life-threatening for the woman in this particular case as well but thankfully doctors managed to save her life. Unfortunately, they could not save her unborn child.

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