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Doctor struggles to remove ‘live creature’ from woman’s ear in stunning video!

The video, which was initially posted on social media, reportedly shows a stunning scene of a doctor trying to remove a creature out of the ear canal of an unidentified woman!


Many social media users were stunned by this video and cannot help but suggest that it was edited. They remain unable to believe its authenticity, yet they find themselves glued to the screen as soon as it’s posted and shared; in just a short time, over 411,000 people have already watched it! A skeptic took to writing:: “He looks like a bogus doctor.

That’s why he’s pulling off so many tricks.” Another person joked: “Instead of a doctor, a snake charmer would have extracted the creature.” This user offered a sound justification of the circumstance.

The video, which was initially shared on Facebook, was posted with the following caption:“the snake has gone in the ear.” In this four-minute video, you can watch the difficulty of a doctor’s efforts to extract a snake from within an unfortunate woman’s ear. The doctor uses different equipment such as tweezers and syringes for removal.


The comment suggested that the snake was facing with its head out, implying it had crawled in and then twisted around inside. This seemed inconceivable due to the size of the creature compared to the tightness of an ear canal. Despite its contested legitimacy, it’s an all-too-common problem for small creatures to crawl into people’s ears, especially in certain regions. It happens more often than one might think.

A visitor to Puerto Rico experienced the most unpleasant surprise while snorkeling a crab had crawled into his ear! Similarly, a New Zealander had an unwelcome guest in his ears for three days earlier this year. It is hard to imagine that kind of discomfort and pain as cockroaches can bite and move around inside our delicate body parts.

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