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Doctors were stunned when they realized baby was not moving inside womb, ‘they screamed when they discovered she was born with water instead of blood in her body’!

We all love babies, right? Many parents are actually surprised at how small and delicate their newborn is, making them worried that they will do something wrong that inadvertently hurts the baby.


Many people have never even seen a newborn, let alone held one, making them unfamiliar beings, to say the least. Parents also might be concerned that their baby is too cold, too hot, too full, or not full enough, or sleeping too much or too little.

Another worry is whether or not it’s safe to take your baby outside or to let other people hold them. When newborn girl Frankie took her first breath in this world, the medical professionals attending her birth were speechless.

She brought with her an unusual and medically fascinating condition – she was afflicted in a manner rarely if ever observed by doctors anywhere.


According to the doctors, the child had only 35ml of blood in her entire body – the equivalent of two tablespoons, which is seven times less than the average amount inside a newborn baby. As the doctors said, the miracle baby was reportedly born with more water than blood in her body – but survived against the odds.

She had to be resuscitated as soon as she was born after her mother, Maria, had to have an emergency Caesarean when doctors discovered the baby was not moving inside the womb.

The list of explanations for why doctors expected her to perish within minutes was immense, and they were blunt with the’s parents about what was most likely about to happen.

Frankie had water where her blood should be. Perhaps a quarter of a cup of blood coursed through her veins. Her mother would later describe her baby to The Mirror as bloated from the disproportionate amount of water inside of her.


The doctors were left stunned. They’d never encountered this phenomenon before, and were resigned to what they knew must be Frankie’s fate. It seemed that the baby’s mother was the only one in the room avoiding a breakdown.

She was dedicated to hoping against hope that her baby would find a way to pull through. Before she knew it, it seemed as if she might get her wish. It took a few transfusions of blood to improve her standing, but Frankie managed to bounce back.

Soon she was functioning exceptionally well. Half a year later, Sandars’s consultant couldn’t believe that the beautiful, healthy young girl before him really was Frankie. “…He was nearly in tears…” Sandars remembered. It was a story to warm the hearts of anyone railing against the odds for the best outcome to happen for their loved ones.

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