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Dog rescued a frozen kitten from certain death – 3 days later a rare thing happened that no one expected

There is nothing in the world that’s as strong as a mother’s love, and many will agree with that. The relationship between mother and child does not have to be biological.


And if you doubted it, just keep reading this story.

Animals may not speak the language of humans, but we all know that they have their own way of communicating with each other.

We also know that they sometimes have “human qualities” – such as compassion, love and kindness.


And the dog Mittens shows it wonderfully in this story.

One day, Patricia heard the howling of a kitten coming from her barn. Moments later, much to her surprise, she discovered an abandoned kitten.

The cat was frozen and could barely move. That’s when Mittens the dog came into action.

Mittens immediately began to lick the little kitten to warm him up.


They brought the kitten into the house. But three days later an amazing thing happened that no one expected.

Mittens began to produce milk and nurse the cat. There is no doubt that Mittens’ motherly instincts kicked in. Thanks to Mittens’ milk, the kitten survived, and from that day Mittens took care of the cat.

She became a mother to an animal that has no blood relation to her, is not even of the same species as her – but she knew that this small and fragile creature needed a mother, and that is exactly what she was for him.

What a special story! He moved us a lot for sure.


Mittens is a real hero! Share the article with your friends and family if you agree.

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