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Doria Exposes Meghan’s Plot to Expel Prince Harry from Their Home Due to Court Debt, Resulting in Marriage Termination


In a shocking turn of events, Doria, a close confidante, has come forward with explosive allegations about Meghan Markle’s plan to remove Prince Harry from their shared residence due to mounting court debt.

This revelation comes in the wake of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex signing lucrative multi-million dollar deals with media giants Netflix and Spotify shortly after their highly publicized departure from the royal family.

However, their Spotify collaboration suffered a recent setback as their deal was abruptly terminated after just one season of podcast episodes. This has left observers wondering about the couple’s next move.


To add to Meghan’s challenges, she has been cautioned that her future prospects of working alongside Prince Harry appear bleak, urging her to focus on her own individual projects to salvage her career.

Insiders suggest that Meghan’s team has advised her to pursue solo ventures, believing that it would open up a plethora of opportunities for her. The rationale behind this recommendation is that by venturing into independent projects, Meghan would have more creative freedom and the chance to regain confidence in her professional endeavors.

In light of the Spotify split, Archewell Audio, the couple’s company, released a statement expressing mutual agreement with Spotify to part ways, clarifying that it was an amicable decision. However, their statement was followed by an astonishing outburst from a podcast executive, who referred to them as “effing grifters” in a profanity-laden rant.

This incident left Meghan devastated, shocked by the harsh and public criticism from within their own organization. It served as a stark reminder that change is imperative to salvage their public image.


Adding to their woes, the couple faced yet another setback when their application to trademark “Archewell” was rejected by U.S. officials. They had sought exclusive rights to the term in various areas, including downloadable audio recordings and the portrayal of women in media. However, their claim was turned down due to an existing trademark held by an Arizona-based company, Archewell LLC.

Despite these challenges, a spokesperson for Netflix has dispelled rumors of any plans to sever ties with the Sussexes, affirming their strong bond with Archewell Productions. The spokesperson emphasized the remarkable success of Harry and Meghan’s documentary debut on Netflix and assured the public that their collaboration is far from reaching its conclusion. They further revealed that numerous exciting projects are currently in the works, promising a continued partnership with the couple.

It remains to be seen how Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will navigate this tumultuous period in their personal and professional lives, as they face the aftermath of their shattered marriage, the loss of the Spotify deal, trademark rejection, and the need to redefine their future path.

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