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Dorinda Clark-Cole defends Beyoncé as Bishop refers her new song as “sacrilege” (Video)

Dorinda Clark-Cole defends Beyoncé’s new song as Bishop referred to her new song as “sacrilege”.

In a recent comment during a church sermon Bishop Patrick Wooden referred Beyoncé’ new song ‘Church Girl’ as “sacrilege.”

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“To sample the song of a real church lady, Twinkie Clark. I don’t know whether she knew what she was going to do with the song or not. But she knows she not saved.” He added, “I pray to God that a stiff denunciation of what she did with that song is put out. It shows that we’re not speaking up. Nobody respects the church.”

Reacting to Bishop Patrick’s comment, Dorinda said that folks need to “leave Beyonce alone.”

Dorinda isn’t the only Gospel artist who has defended Bey. Deitrick Hadden also shared a message.

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He captioned the post, “Let @beyonce make her song for her audience, and you make your gospel song for your audience. Then mind your own business and let God be God. If you have a problem or a concern about Beyoncé, just pray for her strength! ”

The pastor also praised Twinkie for talent, saying, “I’m glad that @twinkieclark is getting rewarded after some fake gospel label shyster swindled young, innocent Twinkie out of all her publishing! Twinkie is one of my musical heroes, and it does my heart so glad to know she’s getting paid.”

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