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Dozens of deceased dogs found in homes of animal organization’s co-founder: ‘This was a facade’

The co-founder of an animal nonprofit rescue organization stands accused of horrible crimes against poor dogs after a chilling discovery was made last week.

Barbara Wible collapsed suddenly inside her Mantua home on June 2 with first responders noticing “evidence of ongoing fatal animal neglect” leading to further investigation into possible wrongdoings.

“Inside the home, the Humane Agent discovered 146 deceased dogs in varying stages of decay. No dogs were found alive. Many of the dogs were found confined within their crates,” the Portage Animal Protective League said.

A few surviving dogs were found inside Wible’s Parma home and were placed in the Parma Animal Shelter.

Following the shocking discovery, Canine Lifeline where Wible operated as a co-founder, released a grim statement.

“[Wible] was a very private person who appeared to be devoted to these rescue animals; it appeared to be her life’s passion,” the organization said adding that it was “sickened and blind-sighted to learn this was a facade.”

“Volunteers and adoptive families that gave their time and energy to the cause of animal welfare are now navigating feelings of bewilderment, betrayal, and grief in light of what has been learned about Wible’s secret treatment of animals.”

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