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Due to her nearly completely bald hair, the woman was embarrassed to go out. This is how the problem was fixed!

Sometimes other factors take precedence over proper hair care, and the health and beauty of the hair still depend on those factors. And so it was with Karen, our main character.

The woman began to lose her hair as a result of the disease treatment, and by the time it was all over, she hardly had any hair left.

The woman went to a hairdresser, an expert in her field, for guidance. The girl chose to cut off all of her hair because there was nothing left to save. The specialist went on to build the basis for the braid in order to tie a certain wig. With these wigs, you shouldn’t be worried about sudden gusts of wind or swift motion.

This method takes many hours, and the level of difficulty increases with each step. But in the end, the stylist did a fantastic job. After the wig was secured to Karen’s head, the master gave it a little extra shaping so she could fully enjoy the effect.

To put it plainly, the woman’s family was unaware of her. Now that Karen was free and could live like the rest of them, they were ecstatic.

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