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Ella Mai and Jason Tatum sparks relationship rumors after spotted together over the weekend

Popular American singer, Ella Mai and NBA star Jason Tatum have been trending since weekend after photos of them on seemingly date surfaced on the internet.

They appeared to have attended a party together thrown by the CEO of Fanatics, Michael Rubin. The event had lots of athletes and celebrities in attendance, including Drake, Travis Scott, Michael Blackson, Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker, etc.

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The date photos sparked reactions online as People thinks the two stars have “Boo’d Up”.

What does “Boo’d Up” really mean? I don’t know but you can ask Ella Mai, she released a song with that Titled.

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There were lots of photos from the event but people focused on that of Ella Mai, 27, and 24-year-old Jayson Tatum.

In videos and photos from the event, the two stars were wearing matching white outfits looking relaxed next to each other.

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A fan took a screenshot of the moment to comment on their excitement. The screenshot attracted thousands of retweets and comments after it was posted on Twitter.

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