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Emotional Reunion: Witness the Lady’s Heartfelt Reaction as She Discovers Her Biological Father After 31 Years!

A lady has discovered the identity of her real father after her mother told lies to cover him up.

Narrating the story on Twitter, the lady, Mashudu said her mother kept the identity of her real father from her for 31 years.

Mashudu said she made personal efforts to find the man and reunite with him.


How Mashudu found her real father
It was until February 2022, at the age of 31, that she finally made the discovery and started making efforts to get in touch with the man.

Mashudu went ahead to find his name and contact, and they started talking on the telephone. In January of 2023, they finally met, and they are now reunited.

My mother lied about my real father, Mashudu says
Mashudu wrote on Twitter:

“Feb’22: At 31, I find out that mom lied about the identity of my dad. Nov’22: After much agony, I finally get my real dad’s name.


Dec’22: I track him down and we begin talking on the phone. Jan’23: We meet for the first time. July 2023: he’s nursing me back to health.”

The story was later reposted on Twitter by @postsubman. Many who commented said the lady bears a striking resemblance with her father.

See her tweet below:

Reactions from Twitter users as lady finally finds who her real father is
@chris__lems said:


“But guess who the villain still is?”

@ChidiRichard8 commented:

Take 6hrs a day to fear women

@Ti_OluwaLope said:


“No DNA needed.”

Lady gets pregnant after affair with gateman
In a related story, reported that a woman got pregnant for another man when her husband travelled abroad.

The woman reportedly had an affair with the gateman in their house and got pregnant.

The man was said to have travelled to Dubai, where he spent eight months and made the discovery on his return to Africa.

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