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End of Friendship: Meghan Markle Embarrassed by Serena’s Public Snub, Excluded from Baby Shower

The friendship between Meghan Markle and Serena Williams, which began in 2010 after they met at the Super Bowl, seems to have come to an end. Over the years, they have openly expressed their bond, and Serena and her husband Alexis Ohanian even attended Meghan’s wedding to Prince Harry.However, recently, Meghan was noticeably absent from Serena’s baby shower, leading to speculations that she wasn’t invited. Serena shared snapshots of the baby shower on YouTube and Instagram, which also served as a gender reveal event.


The joyous occasion included loved ones such as Serena’s father Richard and sister Venus. However, Meghan was nowhere to be seen in the videos or social media posts from the event, fueling rumors of a possible falling out between the two.

In 2019, Serena had organized Meghan’s baby shower at The Mark Hotel in New York when Meghan was pregnant with her son, Archie. Despite the effort Serena put into the event, it now appears that their friendship might have been less genuine than it seemed.

Reports suggest that they were never truly close friends and were merely using each other in a transactional manner. As Meghan gained fame and success, Serena might have distanced herself wisely to avoid being overshadowed.


The two had collaborated professionally as well, with Meghan featuring Serena as the first celebrity guest on her Spotify exclusive podcast. They discussed various topics, and Serena openly supported Meghan’s ambitions throughout the years. However, according to some sources, their connection was more about mutual benefit rather than genuine friendship.

As Meghan and Harry stepped back from their royal duties and relocated to California, Serena showed her support for them on social media. But it appears that their relationship may have been more superficial than initially believed.

In the world of A-listers, using and discarding people on the way up might be common, but what seems to have troubled the friendship between Meghan and Serena is the perception that Meghan was exploiting their association for personal gain. While it is unclear whether the lack of an invitation to Serena’s baby shower was intentional or simply a misunderstanding, it seems to have caused embarrassment and further strained their already delicate friendship.

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