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Even adults fail to find the answer to this children’s math puzzle


There are math questions that are not as simple as they seem at first glance.

Here is one for you.

Give your brain a good workout and see if you can answer this question:


Take several minutes to yourself and see if you can solve it..

Any success? ..

Ready to see the answer? Go on..

The answer to the flower puzzle

The correct answer is actually 81. You probably did not get to it because of two small details you missed.


First of all, the number of yellow flowers: in the third equation there are two, and in the last equation there is only 1.

But the second nuance is more complicated: the number of petals that the purple flowers have. Did you not notice those? Well, if not – we forgive you!

In the second equation, these flowers are equal to 5 – they have 5 petals each, they are all equal to 1.

In the last question, the purple flower have 4 petals (4X1). So 20X4 + 1 = 81.


If you succeeded – well done! You did pay attention to the little details.

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