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Exclusive: Lil Uzi try to clear the phones from the stage, He didn’t “intentionally” throw it at the woman – Eyewitness Says

Lil Uzi performance at Wireless Fest turn out bad as a Woman who was present alleged that she was injured as the rapper was throwing cell phones into the crowd.

In several videos trending on Tiktok, the woman identified as Isabelle Clifton shows of her bloody scalp as a result of the incident.

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So as some of you guys may know, there is a video of Lil Uzi Vert throwing a phone into the Wireless crowd 2022 on Friday. I am sadly that chick that got their head smashed in by the phone. There was someone else but I don’t want to mention him in case it is not permitted but yes there was some damaged caused but the guy got his phone back and everything is being dealt with.”

Meanwhile, an eyewitness in the event narrates how the incident happened. The eyewitness did not confirm whether or not the phone was the cause of Clifton’s injury.

According to the eyewitness, during Uzi’s set at Wireless Fest, fans threw multiple cellphones onto the stage and inadvertently struck him. He merely attempted to clear the phones from the stage, avoid slipping and safely continue his performance — he never intentionally directed it at a specific individual.”

At the time of filing this report Uzi has not publicly spoken on the situation

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