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Family claims they are not aware of Joycelyn Savage engagement

TMZ reports that the family of Joycelyn Savage are not aware of her engagement as she didn’t made it known to her family.

Her parents, Jonjelyn and Tim Savage’s attorney, Gerald Griggs, claim she never made the engagement known to the family.
Attorney Griggs says he finds it odd that Joycelyn didn’t testify about it under oath but slipped it into the letter for Judge Ann Donnelly that was submitted to the court before R. Kelly’s 30-year sentencing. Her family has strong doubts about the engagement but wishes to reconnect with her to get the whole story.

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It’s no secret the family has a strained relationship with Joycelyn. Although the singer has been incarcerated for years, the Savage family has been unable to speak to their daughter. Last November, the family advised TMZ that at the time, they were still being shut out from talking to their daughter, and the only way to reach her was through Kelly’s handlers. Jonjelyn and Tim said they attempted to tell her about a few deaths in their family at that time.

Both Joycelyn’s grandparents passed away. Reports show her grandmother passed due to cancer. Unfortunately, they never received a response from the 26-year-old. While the family continues to have concerns for their child, one of Kelly’s former girlfriends, Azriel Clary, is living her best life.

The aspiring artist is currently in Santorini, Greece, on a luxurious vacation. She took to Instagram to show off a dirt bike and her process of working on music. The singer currently has a song out titled, ‘Inside Me.’

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