Family seeks answers after 4-year-old Boy drowns during swim lesson last month, blames instructor

The mother of the 4-year-old boy who died last month during swimming class in Georgia seeks answers to questions surrounding the death of her baby boy.

According to The Shade Room, family says an instructor with a history of being “distracted” and not following proper guidelines likely led to the boy’s drowning,

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The mother of the child, Dori Scott told Newsmen that though her son was “nervous” when she signed him up for a week of supervised swim lessons, He was also excited to start.

She said that the instructor, Lexie Currington-Tenhusen told her that parents were not allowed to sit in on swimming lessons.

While obeying swimming lesson instruction she had to sat in her car while she waited for her Son Israel. Things went well enough on the first day, however on day two, Scott said her worst nightmare came true after the tragic incident occurred at a residential pool back on June 14.

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