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Fans reacts after Aries Spears mocked Lizzo over her weight

Fans of Lizzo reacts in so much support for her on social media after comedian Aries Spears mocked her weight in a recent comment.

The comments were made on the podcast The Art of Dialogue.

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Aries made distasteful comments about Lizzo’s weight and looks and people on social media are pointing out that he should look at himself first.

“I can’t get over the fact she looks like the sh-t emoji. She’s a very beautiful girl. She’s got a very pretty face, but she keeps showing her body off. C’mon man,” Aries said. “I ain’t the most in shape n—a in the world, but when you funny and you got swagger and confidence and you decent looking. I think I’m at least handsome… you get p—y. But a woman that’s built like a plate of mashed potatoes is in trouble. She’s dope. Her music’s hard… her body ain’t.”

Aries added, “You know what kills me about women? The hypocrisy and contradiction. ‘Yaas, Queen.’ ‘Slay, Queen.’ F–k diabetes. F–k heart problems. F–k heart disease, cholesterol. Y’all claim womanhood and are about sisterhood, but if you really loved your sister you’d go ‘Black girl, we love you and your confidence, but this ain’t it.’”

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