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Father sold his 12-year-old step daughter to 70 truck drivers in exchange for pack of cigarettes ‘to make her confident about this’!

Per reports, the 49-year-old stepfather, Thomas, reportedly sold his 12-year-old stepdaughter to 70 truck drivers for a pack of cigarettes and $6. They were allowed to do whatever they wanted with her. Per reports, truck driver tipped off the police that Thomas had offered the services of his minor daughter to him and three other truck drivers in a parking lot on a motorway.


The police immediately caught and arrested Thomas who was sitting in his car, with his stepdaughter. An investigation was started. Witness reports stated that a few days before the arrest was made, the girl was p-mped out to another truck driver.

Thomas was able to get in touch with the 50-year-old driver named Hartmut after he found a card at the rest station with his number and the message “would you like to give me a bI-w job?”

He was p-mping out his 12-year-old daughter at motorway service stations claiming that he was doing so “to make her confident about her own body.” He was also filming the assault on his phone. He was on trial for se-ually abusing his underage stepdaughter after a complaint was filed, reported The Sun. The trucker was offered se* in exchange for the $6 and the pack of cigarettes.
The assault was recorded by Thomas on his phone. The video was used to incriminate Hartmut for ra-ing a minor. He is also facing a separate trial and is in custody. Further investigation revealed that the child had been violated about 72 times. The details of the same were read in court and details of the assault took almost an hour to go over in detail. Police even found out that the girl’s biological mother, Brigitte, knew about the pimping but did nothing to stop it. She has been arrested as well.
Prosecutor Gabriel said in court during the trial, “They [Thomas and Brigitte] wanted to raise the child to be self-confident, and to get her used to walk n-ked in the apartment in order to have fun exploring her own body in the future.” The couple had been se-ually abusing the girl and took photos and videos of her over a period of two years. Brigitte was given custody of her daughter from the girl’s biological father at a family court.


Brigitte then handed over the child to Thomas. She is even said to have approved of her partner’s abusive behavior. Thomas has admitted all accusations against him. There was no way he could deny the charges since there was clear proof of his crime since his phone had videos of the assaults as well as the n-ked photos of the girl clicked at home. The child is currently at an orphanage and undergoing therapy for the trauma she has experienced, according to The Sun.

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