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Father, who has used methamphetamine since high school, took a heavy-duty saw and killed his 16-year-old son inside the mobile home where the victim’s grandfather lived!

Police officials said the 37-year-old father, later identified as Thomas, reportedly used a heavy-duty saw known as an angle grinder to kill his son.

The victim’s grandfather, 67-year-old Rodda, reportedly entered the mobile home and found his grandson dead in the dining room area. The father reportedly had a lengthy rap sheet and history of drug abuse.

The 16-year-old boy was living with his grandfather to help him around the house while his grandmother was in rehab. The grandfather returned to his home Monday morning to find his son outside of his home, where he allegedly told him: “I wouldn’t go in there if I was you. I killed someone.

You may need to call the police.” According to the 67-year-old man, his son reportedly used methamphetamine since high school and often had psychotic episodes and made bizarre comments.

When the elderly man entered the home, he found his grandson dead in the dining room area, FOX13 reported. According to the Sheriff’s Office, the suspect used a heavy-duty saw known as an angle grinder to kill his son. The device can be used to cut through metal, the sheriff said.

The father was caught by police as he attempted to flee the scene. The suspect has an extensive criminal history, including an outstanding warrant. ‘This guy has been nothing but a problem to society for a very long time,’ the sheriff added.

‘And now, he’s turned a problemed person into an evil person when he murdered his son and created a horrible set of circumstances for a loving family,” Sheriff Grady said. The motive for the murder is still under investigation.

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