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Florida mom’s suspected killer dies in car crash after police chase


The suspected killer of a Florida mother-of-two died in a car crash at the end of a police chase that took place in Dooly County, Georgia.

Jonathon Segar, 31, was wanted in connection with the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Ariel Griffin, a Florida mother-of-two.

Police revealed that the suspect and victim shared a toddler and were in a “previous domestic relationship” before Monday’s murder.


Following the shooting, Segar fled the scene in a Chevrolet truck that was spotted in Georgia by the afternoon.

Dooly County Sheriff’s deputies gave chase with the suspect firing at them. The chase ended at around 6 p.m. with a crash. Segar was found dead in the wreck of the car though it remains unclear whether he died in the crash or took his life.

Williston Police said in a statement that Segar was “no longer a threat to the public and the victim’s family.”

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