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Former Arizona House Speaker Calls Out Trump Supporters for Ignoring Law, Facts, and Constitution

Former Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers Calls Out Trump Supporters for Ignoring Law, Facts, and Constitution


Former Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers said on MSNBC Thursday that supporters of former President Donald Trump ignore the law, the facts, and the Constitution, and resort to “table-pounding” to try to get what they want.

Bowers was a key witness in the House January 6 Committee hearings last year, where he explained how Rudy Giuliani tried to pressure him to overturn President Joe Biden’s victory in Arizona, and he refused to do so.


“It’s always amazing to me that conservatives will talk about how the feds exceed their authority, they are not authorized by the Constitution, they only should do what they are allowed to do — until your side is perhaps not the beneficiary, and then you want to change the Constitution to fit your argument,” Bowers said. “And that doesn’t work.”

He also said that there is a “definite paucity in our society of civility or just the opportunity to think,” and that people who support Trump are more likely to “pound the table” than to engage in reasoned debate.

“If you’ve got the facts on your side, you pound the facts. If you’ve got the law on your side, you pound the law. If you’ve got neither one, you pound the table,” Bowers said. “And we see a lot of table-pounding.”

Bowers’ comments come as former Vice President Mike Pence is facing pressure from Trump supporters to reverse his decision not to overturn the results of the 2020 election. Pence has said that he will not do so, and he has defended his decision in recent speeches.


Bowers said that he admires Pence for standing up to Trump, and he hopes that Pence’s actions will help to “click” with some Trump supporters and make them realize that they should “love the Constitution rather than what it gets for me.”

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Rusty Bowers says Trump supporters resort to “table-pounding”

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