Former Casino Worker accuse Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Of Being ‘CHEAP’ On TikTok

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have a lot of money. Like A LOT a lot. We’re talking tens of millions of dollars. Is it possible they’re a couple of rude ass cheapskates??

A TikTok user named J Nguyen took to her feed to finally unleash something she says she and a LOT of other casino workers have been annoyed about for years — that Ben, a perennial regular at the blackjack tables — sucks!

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The former dealer said she and her fellow dealers from casinos all over the country who share stories online in chat groups, and the consensus is not good. She spilled:

“Ben Affleck has one of the worst reputations in the casino industry.”

Nguyen specified:

“He’s cheap as f**k, he’s rude, he’s rude to other players, he’s just an entitled piece of s**t.”

Dayum! She qualified that this is not an isolated incident, explaining there are workers from one side of the nation to the other who have had the same experience with the Good Will Hunting star:

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“This is across the country, at every casino. At Harrah’s in Atlantic City, Commerce Casino in California. This motherf**ker is SO CHEAP.”

For those who don’t know, much like waitresses, casino dealers make their money on tips from players. Whether it’s giving them a celebratory reward on top of a big win or tossing them a little something when you get up from the table, it’s just basic casino etiquette to tip them for their service. And someone who gambles as much as Ben knows it, too!

But it’s not just him! According to these dealers’ stories, J.Lo is just as bad — and makes him worse! Nguyen alleged:

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“J.Lo is f**king cheap! She tells him not to tip!”

Wow. It’s one thing not to tip — that could just be thoughtlessness. It’s another to actively tell your man NOT to tip. That proves you don’t believe in tipping.

Of course, as the TikToker jokes, with a cheapskate like Ben no special directions are necessary:

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“He’s already not tipping, baby! You don’t need to say anything! He’s already not doing it!”

She makes clear she’s not chastising Ben or anyone else who doesn’t tip when they lose. A lot of players put dealers’ tips on the green as bets so they only get paid from a win. That’s totally fair game. Literally! But she says Ben wins a bunch of money — which we’ve also heard, he’s supposedly a smart cookie who counts cards — and then stiffs the dealers anyway! Ugh!

Tip your hospitality workers, people! See the sassy AF full video (below)!

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Oh, and this hilarious followup…

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